Private Cabin Space 15,000 per Cabin with 8 seats @ Hitech City contact:+918309068824

About Us

What is Coworking hub Hi-tech city

Co working hub hi-tech city is a flexible meeting & co-working space that puts serendipity @ work!

We are not a business centre, we are a business shelter.
We understand that an ideal workspace is not just a desk and a chair. It is about brainstorming and meeting new people as much as it is about putting in the quiet solitary hours with laser-like focus. It is about being able to look upon a vibrant street for a change of scenery while still enjoying the calm of your office.
At Co working hub hi tech city you won’t have to sweat the small details, we do that for you.
Whether you’re a business or an independent professional, we can support you in the way you work best.
Contact for more info:+91-8309068824


Our Clients

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