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Wednesday 10 August 2016

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What is Co working or Shared Office Space

Coworking Hub is a shared working environment. Typically it is attractive to professionals who work from home, independent contractors, entrepreneurs,people who travel frequently and small startups. Coworking is for people who share values and are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with like-minded talented people in the same space.
Coworkinh Hub is a collection of minds inspired by the brand that brought them together. As a member, you benefit from the brand that creates the space, the ethos it aspires to, and the people it attracts. Not only can a great space provide great ideas, but the association could also lend credibility to your otherwise unknown startup.
Amenities available at Coworking HUB range from free Wi-Fi and coffee to weekly seminars with high-profile guest speakers and shared staff members, such as receptionists. But the unstructured exchanges that take place at the coffee machine are the real amenities. The knowledge and experience of your peers and small, informal interactions around the printer can spark new ideas.
Flexibility is also important as you grow your business. Co-working HUB can accommodate changes to the size of your team and don’t require a firm commitment to a yearlong lease like most commercial spaces. Co-working spaces offer memberships ranging from a daily drop-in pass to a monthly or yearly membership to make changes in the size of your team or even a change in location painless.
Co-working HUB is also a great place to get hired if you want to work at a startup. A handful of our summer interns found full-time jobs with startups within our co-working HUB, having met the companies’ leaders while interviewing them for our company blog. Then, just the other week while immersed in a game of ping pong, I met a visitor who had come in to eat lunch with a client. We were introduced and started talking, and now we’ve hired him to lead our business development team.
Co-working HUB can ease some of the stress of starting a new business and provide valuable resources and connections you won’t find anywhere else. They’re popular for the flexibility they offer new businesses, but the real value is in their assisted serendipity: the informal conversations and the expert advice members are happy to offer one another.
“Enthusiasm and creativity become contagious and multiply when you diversify your work environments with people from different fields or backgrounds. At a coworking space, the chances of ‘accelerated serendipity’ occurring — those “Eureka!” moments that take place during the most unexpected turns — are greater than in any other environment. Members pass each other during the day, conversations get going, and miraculously idea-fusion happens with everyone benefiting from the shared thinking and brainstorming.”(From Working in the UnOffice: A Guide to Coworking)

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